ED and BPH Treatment

Sometimes it is hard to talk to your physician regarding the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing, but being honest is the best way that to do so they can help treat any health conditions their patients have. The more information that they know about what their patients are experiencing, the easier for the doctors to make a diagnosis. Consequently, it will be easier for them to know what treatment to give us.

For a patient with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH), there are resources that can be very helpful for patients so they would know how they can discuss their condition with their doctors.

Doctor Discussion Guide

The doctor should learn about the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing, most especially if you have ED or BPH. There is a doctor discussion guide available for ED and BPH patients that would help them organize their thoughts so they would know what things that they should discuss with their doctors.

Make Sure to Give Your Doctors Only the Facts

Even if you have already tried different methods to treat your erectile dysfunction, it is a necessity to give your doctors the facts that they should know in order for them to treat your condition better.

It may be uncomfortable to speak up to your doctors whenever they ask personal questions, but remember that your answers are important so that they could diagnose you properly and give the best solution and treatment for that. It is always important to be honest to your doctor. Let your doctor know when you first experienced ED and make sure to tell him about the treatment options that you have already done to cure your condition.

Medical History is Important

A patient with ED should tell his doctor about his medical background. One important thing to ask your doctor about is if you have heart conditions that may not permit you to engage in sexual activities. One treatment for ED is Cialis. If you are prescribed with Cialis, make sure that you report to your doctor about your previous medical problems because these problems may interfere with the effect of the drug.

Heart problems should be reported to the doctor as well as high or low blood pressure. Make sure to tell your doctor if you have had a stroke before. Liver or kidney problems are also important to tell your doctor before you take Cialis.

If you are taking any medicine, supplements or any maintenance drugs, it should also be reported to your physician. Some medicines may counteract the effect of Cialis so it would not be as effective as it is reported by many. Take note that Cialis should not be taken if you are taking nitrites for your heart conditions. Taking Cialis if you are taking nitrite may drop the patient’s blood pressure which is very dangerous for a person, most especially when he has a heart problem.

Before taking Cialis or other medications, make sure to have your heart checked. This will also make you aware whether you are permitted to do any sexual activity or not.