Clinical Pharmacology

Modern clinical pharmacology has a lot to do with the funding it receives and the potential for profit that it may lead to. In the case of erectile dysfunction, there is a huge market of frustrated males who want to know more about prescription drugs and how they may help them to rectify their current situation. Due to this market, research has been conducted in so many ways over the past few years in order to determine how prescription drugs affect the body, what kind of changes they have, and why they should be purchased. Long story short, companies invest money into research to find out more reasons for customers to buy their products. Their research has paid off. A recent study has found that Cialis, a drug used to solve erectile dysfunction, can actually help to cure some prostate and lung problems.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction, Suffering From ED

The causes of erectile dysfunction are manifold, but in some cases they are the cause of different problems within the body that result in ED as a side effect. In the most dangerous cases, erectile dysfunction can be a direct side effect of heart disease or other cardiovascular problems. However, it can also be caused by prostate or lung problems that affect the blood flow to the penis. Many of these problems are more serious than erectile dysfunction, but for men with an active lifestyle, they are equally as important. The best news that any of them could hear is that Cialis can actually help to solve their erectile dysfunction and also help with other bodily problems as well.

How Cialis Can Cure ED Related Health Disorders

The trick with Cialis that makes it such an effective weapon against erectile dysfunction related health disorders is “tadalafil.” This compound is the primary agent in Cialis that allows blood vessels to be freed so that blood can move freely to the penis. The recent studies, released by the Cialis producer Eli Lilly and Co, have shown that this specific compound can be used in order to treat a number of other conditions as well.

Key among these conditions are prostate and lung disorders that are sometimes more problematic than the erectile dysfunction itself. These two main problems, along with cardiovascular disease, are targets of physicians every time a male visits for erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, many men and doctors can rest easy knowing that the underlying problem can now be attacked with the prescription drug Cialis.

Erectile dysfunction is a bad enough fate for many men, but the life threatening illnesses are even worse. Many of them provide a very bleak future for men who are already stressed because of their inability to function in bed. However, Generic Cialis can be a solution for many of the ills that men face. The health problems that lead to erectile dysfunction can be solved with this miracle pill while the sexual activity can resume as well. Nobody knows what the clinical pharmacology specialists will find Cialis useful for next.